Cat pics!

Trying to learn some basic film photography.

I have a newfound appreciation for pre-digital, pre-autofocusing era photographers, especially those who took wildlife or other often-moving subject photos. Attempting to take pictures of the cats I live with with a manual focus and fixed lens has been a lesson in patience and reflexes.

Two rolls of film later, I have just two vaguely-presentable, somewhat-in-focus images of a cat. Both are taken with a Canon AE-1 Program using Ilford HP5 Plus black and white film, developed with Cinestill Df96 B&W Monobath, and scanned with a dusty Minolta Revive 5.

Black and white photo of a tabby cat behind a couch arm staring into distance with light source coming from top left.

Black and white photo of a tabby cat licking/cleaning its leg tucked into the corner of where the couch meets the couch arm.