Stuff I run/host on this site (or intend to)

Last updated October 2023.

Up and Running:

Foundry Virtual Tabletop, a virtual tabletop for RPGs.

Grocy, a means of inventorying food and other items.

Barcode Buddy, a companion barcode reader for Grocy.

Bookstack, to keep track of my D&D campaign and one-shots.

Jitsi, for private video/voice chat without needing to sign up for a service.

And of course, WordPress for this (rarely-updated) blog.

Planning or attempting to set up:

Prosody, an XMPP server to poke around at a non-Discord messaging system. Done!

Wallabag, a read-it-later service.

Discourse, a forum, for no reason beyond nostalgia.

Helpful resources I’ve encountered:

The documentation of the programs above, along with their respective Discord servers.


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